Lowes Garden Center: Why It’s Worth Your Time And Money

Today, shoppers have access to more information about retailers and their products than ever before. As a result, many consumers have become more discerning about where they spend their money and time. With that in mind, every retailer should analyze their business model to see where they can make improvements. The garden center is a high-traffic department that can be a cash cow for retail chains. To capitalize on this opportunity, you must understand the value of the DIY market, details regarding what customers want when they shop the garden center, and how to stand out from your competition. Let’s explore why the home depot garden center is worth your time and money.

What’s the value of the DIY market?

There are more than 54 million people in the United States who earn a living as a contractor. The overall market for services related to home repair and maintenance is worth roughly $600 billion per year. The home maintenance and improvement market is driven by three major trends: A growing population, especially the aging population, the rise in the cost of living and the growing popularity of DIY projects. In order to do this, people need access to the right tools, products and expert advice. Businesses such as The Home Depot have a huge opportunity to capitalize on this by offering the right products in-store and online and by providing excellent advice from knowledgeable staff members. Lowes garden center

Know your customers and what they want

Customers who shop the garden center are likely interested in plants and flowers, but they also want more. Make sure that you provide expert advice on how to best care for your plants and how to integrate them into the home’s landscape. Also, be sure to offer additional high-margin products that your customers can add to their carts. Examples include fertilizers, pesticides, garden gloves and hand tools. The garden center is also a great place to display your appliances, tools and other merchandise that customers may need for their outdoor living spaces. These items can be used to create a well-rounded shopping experience that includes indoor and outdoor products.

Stand out from the crowd with excellent service

If you want to differentiate your garden center from your competition, you must provide excellent service. This means hiring knowledgeable and friendly staff members, giving staff members appropriate break times and ensuring that the store is stocked with the right products. It also means training your staff members to ask questions that help them identify which products are best for each customer. Finally, it means training your staff members to help customers solve their problems, even if the solution is not found in the store.

Rebuilding is worth your time and money

When you are rebuilding your garden center, it can be tempting to focus on new technology and new products. However, the best way to rebuild your garden center is to focus on customer service, display and the customer experience. The best way to do this is to go back to basics. Find out what your customers want, then provide it. Put customers first, and they will reward you with their loyalty.


Retailers who have been in business for decades have long understood the value of the garden center. You can capitalize on this opportunity by offering the right products, excellent service and an engaging customer experience. The garden center is a great place to promote all of your merchandise, including your appliances and tools. By rebuilding your garden center, you can position your business to thrive in the years ahead.

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