Garden Street Gardening David Austin Roses: A Legacy of Beauty and Fragrance

David Austin Roses: A Legacy of Beauty and Fragrance

David Austin Roses, also known as English Roses, are a true testament to the beauty and elegance of the traditional rose. These roses are named after their creator, the late David Austin, an English horticulturist who spent over 70 years breeding and developing some of the most stunning roses in the world.

David Austin Roses are a unique and captivating breed, characterized by their full, rosette-shaped blooms, delicate fragrance, and a wide range of colors, from soft pastels to deep, rich tones. They are highly sought after by gardeners, florists, and rose enthusiasts alike, and have become one of the most popular and iconic rose varieties in the world.

The History of David Austin Roses

David Austin started breeding roses in the 1950s, with the goal of creating a new type of rose that combined the charm and fragrance of old-fashioned roses with the repeat-flowering and disease-resistance of modern roses. His work was inspired by his love of the classic English Rose, a variety that had fallen out of favor due to its susceptibility to disease and lack of repeat flowering.

Over the course of several decades, David Austin tirelessly experimented and cross-bred different rose varieties, carefully selecting for specific traits such as color, fragrance, and petal count. His efforts paid off, and in the 1980s he introduced his first collection of English Roses, which quickly gained popularity and acclaim. David Austin Roses

Today, the David Austin Rose collection includes over 200 different varieties, each with its own unique beauty and character. Some of the most popular varieties include the ‘Graham Thomas’ rose, with its vibrant yellow petals and strong fragrance, and the ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ rose, a classic pink rose with a powerful old rose fragrance.

Growing and Caring for David Austin Roses

David Austin Roses are renowned for their beauty and fragrance, but they also require a bit of extra care and attention compared to other rose varieties. Here are a few tips to help you grow and care for your David Austin Roses:

Planting: Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil. Dig a hole that is twice the width of the root ball and deep enough to accommodate the roots. Mix in some compost or well-rotted manure to help the soil retain moisture.

Watering: David Austin Roses need regular watering, especially during dry spells. Water deeply at the base of the plant, rather than overhead, to avoid getting the leaves wet and causing fungal disease.

Pruning: Prune your David Austin Roses in early spring, before new growth appears. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased wood, and cut back the remaining stems by about a third. This will encourage healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Fertilizing: David Austin Roses benefit from regular feeding with a balanced fertilizer. Apply in early spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge, and again in mid-summer to encourage repeat blooming.


David Austin Roses are a true treasure of the gardening world, offering beauty, fragrance, and a rich history of cultivation and refinement. With a little extra care and attention, these roses can thrive in any garden or landscape, providing years of enjoyment and inspiration.

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